Althea Marshall Brooks


Executive Director
Waterbury Bridge to Success Community

Mrs. Marshall Brooks currently serves as the Executive Director of Bride to Success Community Partnership in Waterbury, Connecticut. Waterbury Bridge to Success (BTS) is a partnership joining forces to ensure the city’s youth, from cradle to career, have access to the quality education and support to be successful in school, work and life. In this position, Mrs. Brooks is responsible for coordinating and guiding the community vision and strategy as well as building community capacity to complete this vitally important work. Prior to this appointment, she served as the New Haven Public Schools Director of Coordinated School Health where she was responsible for oversight of district health and wellness initiatives for students, staff and the broader community.

She has her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut, and Masters of Science and Divinity Degrees from Southern Connecticut State University and Yale Divinity School, respectively. She also serves on various boards and committees. She is the proud wife of Elder Darrell Brooks, mother to DJ and two (step) daughters, Chelsea and Paige.