Bridging Art and Science: CT State Gateway Students Transform Streetscape with Massive Murals

At CT State Community College Gateway, art has always been a bridge to the community. Recently, Gateway students embarked on an inspiring project to bring their creativity out of the studio and onto the street.

Led by Instructors Peter Bonadies and Vladimir Shptalnik, CT State Gateway students are creating two massive murals—measuring 4×32 ft and 9×20 ft—that will soon adorn the facade of 101 College St, New Haven.

The designs beautifully depict the connection between science and art.

The students are enrolled in a special projects class made possible by 101 College Street LLC, who held space available for the murals, underwrote the tuition for every student, and covered the cost of materials.

In 3rd Floor studios overlooking the site, Gateway students transform their visions into stunningly colorful multi-media murals. Each artwork is meticulously crafted and reflects the skills and diverse perspectives of the Gateway student body. Scientific materials are integrated into the murals providing a literal connection between art and science. The students hope the murals will inspire scientists working at 101 College Street in their creative discoveries.   

Not long ago, students had the opportunity to meet in person with 101 College Street’s developer Carter Winstanley, founder of Winstanley Enterprises. He shared his passion for public art and his excitement for the murals. Meeting Carter motivated the students and deepened their understanding of the impact art can have on urban spaces.

For Gateway, this initiative is painting and more!

It’s about breaking barriers and inviting dialogue. The murals, on display for the enjoyment of all the people who walk, bike and drive by each day, reaffirm the importance of art as a universal language that transcends boundaries.

The project is set to culminate in a public reveal and celebration at the plaza at 101 College Street, on September 12th. CT State Gateway and scientific community members will have the opportunity to experience, first-hand, the student’s talent and creativity.

Wouldn’t it be great if this is just the first of many public art projects featuring Gateway artists? To support creative arts programs, please consider a donation to the Gateway Foundation.

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