Claire LaPia Criscuolo

Claire LaPia Criscuolo, RN, Owner and Chef, Claire’s Corner Copia. In 1975, Claire and her late husband Frank Criscuolo opened Claire’s Corner Copia, a vegetarian restaurant, in downtown New Haven, Connecticut. A former nurse, Criscuolo prides herself on offering healthy food. “I am so proud of the way we continue to conduct our business, of our brilliant staff, our beloved community, and of you, the people who support this mission of ours,” Claire noted. “This crazy experiment started out with two people in love wanting to bring real food to lots of people, while supporting a community.” Our mission here at Claire’s Corner Copia, is based on the understanding that we can help others who need a hand up. We are big fans of sustainability, both in and outside of our kitchen. Therefore, we look to help support programs that lift others out of difficult situations. We are so grateful to our team and to our customers whose support allows us to be generous with others. Our hope is that one day, we can live in a world where we are kind and generous to one another, each and every one of us. And, we’ll keep trying to do our part. Claire works with Gateway’s Culinary and Hospitality Programs to offer employment and internship opportunities for Gateway students.