CT State Gateway Library- Origin of the African American History Collection

Dive into the vibrant world of African American literature at CT State Community College Gateway! February is Black History Month. We’re thrilled to share that Gateway Library’s African American History Collection was pioneered by passionate students. As we honor the richness of Black History Month, we invite you to help keep this collection thriving.

Gateway’s Collection of African American History isn’t just a stack of books—it’s a living testament to the voices and experiences that shape Black culture. The collection began with a simple yet powerful idea from our dedicated students: to preserve and celebrate the incredible contributions of African American authors. The collection offers diverse perspectives and captures the essence of African American heritage. The continued growth of this collection, led by Gateway librarians, expanded its reach and relevance.

While our collection initially flourished, in recent years its curation has slowed. That is why we’re calling on you to ensure the vitality and relevance of this literary collection, fostering it ongoing enrichment to empower and inspire present and future generation of Gateway students. Your contribution will make a meaningful impact! Please support the collection with a gift to the Gateway Community College Foundation.

Please support the collection with a gift to the Gateway Community College Foundation. By supporting the Gateway Community College Foundation, you will play a crucial role in expanding the Collection of African American Literature initiated by Gateway students and curated by Gateway librarians. Your contribution goes beyond books. It preserves our cultural heritage and provides vital resources for students.

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