Ezekiel Farombi

For Ezekiel Farombi, a career as a nurse practitioner has long been a dream and a goal. That’s
because of his love for the medical field, and how heartbroken he gets when he sees people in the
hospital with various health challenges waiting endlessly for treatment – especially children and
the elderly.
His plan is for his education at Gateway to be followed by working in the field while continuing
his studies, working toward earning bachelor’s and then master’s degrees.
In addition to a job and his studies, Ezekiel is part of a group that helps elderly people in senior
living facilities by walking their dogs. The group members recognize that many of the seniors
may not be able to walk around, let alone take their dogs out for walk, so they go to the facilities
and help them by walking their dogs.
The Laptop Scholarship will help Ezekiel cover education costs, as his job earnings are
consumed by daily life expenses including food and accommodations.

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