Meet Future Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Sonia Salay

Spring Class of 2024
Major: Nutrition & Dietetics
Hometown Piura, Peru
“From the moment I set foot in this country, leaving Peru behind, I was faced with the
challenge of mastering English. My journey led me to the doors of CT State Gateway. Here, I
not only studied English but also fell in love with the vibrant atmosphere and the
supportive community. It was at Gateway that I met an ambitious woman in my class, much
like myself. Her journey, her resilience, and her success inspired me, sparking a desire to
pursue higher education.
In Peru, my career in sports had taught me a valuable lesson: nutrition isn’t just about
aesthetics—it’s the key to wellness and longevity. This philosophy stayed with me, and
when I discovered Gateway’s Nutrition & Dietetics program, it felt like destiny. The
program was more than just an education—it was a calling to empower others to lead
healthier lives through nutritional education.
Gateway’s program offered more than just lessons on dietary concepts. It was a window
into the diverse foods of the U.S., a world very new to me. The internships I undertook were
not just learning experiences—they were opportunities to open my heart and learn to
communicate better. Having access to internships strengthened my passion to help people
from all ages and backgrounds understand the importance of nutrition.
Food, for me, is more than just sustenance—it’s a symbol of love, a tradition passed down
from my mother. Today, I aspire to share this love with others, teaching them that healthy
eating can be both accessible and delicious.
Despite the language barrier, my passion for nutrition kept me going. The program’s
challenges were tough, but they only served to strengthen my commitment to a field I
deeply adore.
Your support for Gateway can help students like me overcome barriers, discover their
passions, and make a difference in the world. Together, we can empower more individuals
to lead healthier, happier lives and create a ripple effect in our communities. Your
contribution can change lives—just like it changed mine.

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