Mohamed Alhaji Ngombulango

Mohamed Alhaji Ngombulango “I have been, and will always be, dedicated to bringing change
where need be.” That is the perspective of Mohamed Alhaji Ngombulango, who emphasizes that
“there is a need for more health practitioners in every health sector. I have always had a dream to
make changes to the health sector by being a nurse.”
Mohamed, selected to receive the $1,000 Richard Fiore Memorial Scholarship, recalls that
during his childhood education, he attached less value to science education. Until he realized that
it is vital for success in various sectors, including Nursing.
Mohamed currently helps in soup kitchens around New Haven and hopes to pursue studies in
Information Technology at a university, recognizing that information technology experts are
necessary in health sectors to protect vital information and facilitate smooth computer software
Financial resources have presented a serious challenge for him, and the scholarship will help
immensely, he says, and enable him to become an RN by the end of Spring 2024. “I believe and
trust that I will quench my thirst for knowledge,” he says confidently.

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