The Great Give: Gateway Community College Foundation’s Great Give: Unite & Ignite!


Get ready to ignite change and make a difference through the Great Give! Mark your Calendars for May 1st & 2nd, Gateway’s campus will hum with excitement and anticipation, all in support of our students, faculty, and extra-curricular activities.

Picture this: students, alumni, faculty, and friends alike join together, united by a shared mission to empower the Gateway community. Each donation, no matter the size, becomes a beacon of hope, lighting the path for future generations of Gateway students.

Why now? Because we’re not just raising funds; we’re investing in dreams. Scholarships open doors to innovative programs and shape leaders of tomorrow. Your contribution fuels the aspirations of Gateway students and the sharpens the vision of Gateway faculty.

By investing in Gateway, you ensure that future generations of students like Lexie from Shelton who is studying biomedical engineering, have access to a top-notch education, innovative programs, and state of the art facilities.

And here’s the best part: every donation you make will be matched by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, boosting the impact of your generosity. It’s a ripple effect of kindness, that spreads far beyond campus walls and into the hearts of Greater New Haven.

Fuel the next generation of leaders. Your support provides scholarships and supports students like nursing student Carly from Guilford as they pursue their dreams.

So, dear friends, as the countdown begins, and the excitement builds, pull out your phones, and ignite change together.

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