The International Festival of Arts and Ideas

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas is a year-round organization that culminates with an annual celebration of performing arts, lectures, and conversations each summer in New Haven, Connecticut.  Arts & Ideas convenes leading artists, thought leaders, and innovators from around the world for dynamic public programs to engage, entertain, and inspire a diversity of communities.  Eighty percent of the Arts & Ideas programming is free and open to the public and includes events that feature some of the most influential musical, dance, and theater artists of our time.   Leading up to the June celebration in downtown New Haven are five Neighborhood Festivals that are co-created with community leadership, a high school fellowship program produced in partnership with Gateway Community College, and a city-wide literary program.  

The International Festival of Arts & Ideas was established in 1996, by Anne Calabresi, Jean M. Handley, and Roslyn Meyer.