Thrilling Finale to Gateway Alumni Network Logo Design Contest!

CT State Gateway Alumni judges: Willie Pender, Christina Scilla-Rivera, and Joseph Thomas

In an electrifying display of talent, students from various disciplines at CT State Community College Gateway today competed in the Alumni Network logo design contest.

The event was charged with suspense and creative energy as participants unveiled their unique designs.

The judges faced a tough decision and deadlocked with two standout designs. In an unexpected twist, the audience was called upon to cast their votes, only to find themselves equally divided!

With the stakes high and no clear winner in sight, the judges turned to technical merit to make the final call. The suspenseful tiebreaker resulted in victory for Aleshka Aponte-Soto whose design triumphed to become the emblem of the Gateway Alumni Network.

We extend our deepest appreciation to alumni judges Willie Pender, Joseph Thomas, and Christina Scilla-Rivera; and to the talented finalists:

  • Darrell Adote
  • Terence Okwuosa
  • Catt Schenfeld
  • Monica Wojcik

Your contributions have made this contest memorable. The Gateway Alumni Network is committed to supporting our students’ journeys, during their academic years and beyond. Aleshka’s design symbolizes this enduring connection. Join the Alumni Network Today!

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