Workforce Alliance Scholarship Fuels Anna Williams’ Pursuit of Software Development Excellence

Computer Engineering Technology major Anna Williams chose a career path in software development because she wants to make people’s lives better and easier through programming. Also, it aligns with her goals to manage her own time more effectively and work from “anywhere in the world.”

“I’m gaining skills I need to bring my ideas to life and have a positive impact on society,” she explained. This motivates her to work hard to improve her programming and problem-solving skills, she added.

After her Gateway graduation, Anna intends to enter the software development job market. To do that, she wants to find an internship in that field to enhance her skills and gain hands-on experience. “I’m motivated to continuously learn, improve, and contribute to the programming world,” Anna said, which her near-perfect 3.97 GPA clearly demonstrates.

The $750 Workforce Alliance Scholarship will help this hardworking full-time student achieve those goals.

“I need to work to cover college and living expenses,” explained Anna, who works in a restaurant anywhere from 28 to 40 hours weekly.
She recently joined the Computer Club. “I’m really excited about that, but I wish there were more hours in the day!”

According to Anna, her scholarship is a “transformative” opportunity that will stoke her passion for creative programming.

“With this support, I can reduce my work hours and dedicate more time to honing my software development skills. Ultimately, that extra time will allow me to pursue the internship and networking opportunities crucial to my career.”

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