Latrees Atkinson

Latrees Atkinson has been working in a hospital for 18 years, and readily shares that “nursing
takes patience, compassion, and intuitive and critical thinking. Patients are not only relying on us
to take care of them,” she explains, “but to be efficient, follow the health guides, and make them
feel at home.” Through the years, she has seen that first-hand. In fact, she says that she has been
picking up pieces to put together along the way and applying it to her own morality in the
medical environment.
Latrees has a passion for caregiving, which is why she has chosen to become a nurse. Her goal is
to continue her education, become an APRN, continue working at the hospital, and possibly
travel as a nurse in the future. She has been a Tri-Chair for the Care Associate Committee at
Yale and continues to participate in events throughout the hospital.
Receiving the Dr. Shelia Solernou Nursing Scholarship will help with college expenses, and also
affirm her example, which she hopes will encourage her children “not to give up on their goals
no matter how many obstacles get in your way.”

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