Mareshah White

Mareshah White, a dedicated student and passionate advocate for social justice and
equity, is making a significant impact in her community. Her commitment has earned her
the Melton/McAvay Social Justice and Equity Fellowship.
Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mareshah began her academic journey
at Gateway Community College, majoring in Liberal Arts and Sciences. This exploration
led her to a passion for pharmacy, demonstrating her determination to contribute to
healthcare and promote equity in access.
What sets Mareshah apart is her leadership and commitment to social justice outside the
classroom. She has dedicated her time to several initiatives aimed at uplifting marginalized
communities and promoting gender equality. Her involvement includes:

  • She Walks with Ambition: A nonprofit organization she founded to support
    women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds through mentorship and tutoring.
  • 100 Girls Leading: An organization encouraging young women to overcome
    challenges and reach their goals.
  • Hamden Public Schools Hiring Committee: Ensuring an equitable selection
    process for teachers and administrators.
  • CT Young Dems: Advocating for political equity and a more equitable future.
  • Children’s Center of Hamden: Providing support and guidance to young women
    facing challenges.
    Mareshah’s leadership roles underscore her commitment to making a positive impact in
    her community and beyond. Your support can help her continue this important work.
    Consider making a donation today.
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