The Storehouse Project

The Storehouse Project: Mobile Food Pantry delivers groceries to residents of housing projects and students on college campuses including Gateway Community College. When the Mobile Food Pantry was on campus in spring 2020, it served 100 students per semester, which fed roughly 400 family members. The Mobile Food Pantry will be on the Gateway campus for the months of October and November. In 2019 alone, the Storehouse Project distributed 249,195 meals through their food pantry, community dining centers, and mobile food pantries. Individuals have become increasingly incapable of providing their families with food and other needs because of the threat of Covid-19 to their health and life. The volunteers at the Storehouse Project are on the frontlines meeting the needs of people in and around New Haven who are in serious need. “The Storehouse Project is doing all it can in order to be in a position to help,” said Storehouse Project Operations Director, Kimani Williams.